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Smartphone App

Mobile+ is the smartphone app for Apple and Android devices that allows providers to dictate ‘On the Go’ without needing to carry a separate, expensive recording device. When providers dictate into a dial-in telephone dictation system, sometimes the results include static, cut off words, and poor audio quality due to telephone connection issues. Mobile+ eliminates these problems as all dictations are captured on the device rather than on a remote telephone dictation server, producing higher clarity and more accurate documentation. Another advantage of Mobile+ is that it does not use up cell phone minutes.

Dictation features include the familiar Record, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, Insert and Overwrite actions. No training sessions are required; our Quick Start Guide directs new users through the straightforward screens.

Mobile+ is secure and includes HIPAA safeguards throughout the app protecting all patient PHI. All transmissions are secure with HTTPS and SSL encryption via wireless networks.